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Imagine. You’re at Camp.

Perseus Jackson, Son of Poseidon. Supreme Lord of the Bathroom and Seaweed Brain.

You’re sitting in front of the TV.

Every cell in your body is anxiously preparing itself for the most amazhang moment in your teen fanperson life. The screen glows, eerie music hums your ears, and the sound of the rustling tree leaves in rhythm with the gushing waves shakes up your eardrums. Out of nowhere in the dark screen, a pair of sea-green eyes emerge and get closer by the second until you lock your hyperexcited eyes with it. And every sound wave in your universe stops for a micro second. A momentary, thunderous silence.

The only sound waves your ears can receive say, “Look, I didn’t want to be a half-blood”.

Literal chills up your spine and the hair on your body gets alert like soldiers on the borderline. The words fill your ears and soul and mind with uncontainable ecstasy and you lose yourself in an ephemeral lapse, and find yourself at the first time you ever became a half-blood.

Flashes of all the seasons appear by, and you are enchanted by the Mist.

The title sequence plays on as the bombarding thrill of the music blows your mind off. 

Just prior to the pilot take-off, a middle-age looking man with thinning brown hair and a white stallion the waist down enters. He walks in and winks to the camera with a sassy wicked smile. The screen goes black as you fall back and dwell into the endless fantastic world of Uncle Rick. 

Same as ever, only much deeper and freakishly awesome.

(Forget your first kiss. This moment would probably be way more magical for you.)

“LOOK, I DIDN’T WANT TO BE A HALF-BLOOD.” And you look back.

Live your life with a weird percy-nality! (Drop a 💙 if you like it.)



Just heavenly bliss.

Decades of unimaginable pain.
the blood comes out ripping her apart
she could end it all, stay free;
yet she doesn’t,
because she yearns for it

her grand creation
something only she could do
something that would justify all that distress she had endured.
one day, she knew that 
that the sacrifice would be worth it

a creation that would make her divine in a microsecond,
that would hold up her pride for a lifetime
she hoped, 
in that miraculous moment,
nothing would matter

those days of agony and angst
all those turbulent thoughts
all those voices 
none of them ever would matter
not more than the life she creates that instant.

As she gazes, an image flashes of the future
where that life would
bring a significant change and
marvel the universe with their contribution;
where her suffering would find solace.

She finds peace in that future
and continues to endure the pain
she mutters, “not a bloody mess,
just heavenly bliss. And this too shall pass.”
and slips back into sleep.

My first full length poem in the free verse format.

Inspired from Harshitha Gowda, a dear friend of mine. Check out her page here.

What do you want to see next here? Let me know in the comments.
Until then, Stay weird!


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questions from the forests

Morning people.

// This post has been created (rather, stolen) in inspiration from How to Steal Ideas, (stolen from Udita Gowdety, one of my favourite bloggers, stolen from Austin Kleon, stolen from Tumblr. //

antlers 🦌 – if you could change anything about your appearance without worrying about judgement, what would you change?

Those eternal dark circles under my eyes. Nothing else, really.

moss 💚 – how would you describe yourself?

A weird and wonderful person with roundest face and thoughts ever. (That’s silly tho.)

toadstool 🍄 – what is your favorite place to relax?

The balcony in nature’s lap.

lichen 🌲 – what do you like to collect?

All sorts of things. Personal preferences include memories, food and love (and glass bottles).

bog 🌾 – where would you most like to live?

Anywhere that’s home, amidst nature (and where the toilet can be trusted.

dirt 🍂 – do you take care of any plants?

Yes. Around 15 – aloe, golden pothos, tomato, snake plant etc.

frog 🐸 – name 3+ things you like about yourself 

  1. I’m wonderfully weird.
  2. I’m a crazy believer.
  3. I’m usually calm.
  4. I’m an artist.

wildflowers 💐 – how do you like to dress?

Casuals, workout gear and traditional wear/ball gowns.

roots 🌱 – describe your favorite memory

Vacations in a cool place with ma famille.

clover ☘ – have you ever found a four-leaf clover?

Nope. But I’ve found friends who are as rare as one❤️

rainwater 🌧 – what’s your favorite sound?

The burbling of rivers and the gushing waves of the ocean. And of course, the chirping of birds,

fen 🍃 – do you have any goals for the future?

Yes. I’m clueless what they are.

thicket 🌳 – how close do you live to a forest? have you ever explored it?

I wish I did.

mist 🌫 – what’s your favorite kind of weather?

The kind of weather that’s perfect for a cup of tea and a good book. Foggy but with a clear aura.

fern 🌿 – if you were any kind of plant, which one would you be?

Aloe Vera! 😋

In a world of roses with thorns, be an Aloe Vera with 101 qualities of cure.


I miss nature. More posts in attack today!

Stay weird.

Photo by capturerofchaos (SS Studios), who is very much me.


The Duality Of Us.

Disclaimer: This article is an experiment with my mind and the audience. Please let me know your ideas in comments. It’s just a theory, but one worthy enough to be believed in. Thank You. Now go on and read.

This quarantine has awakened the artist in me.

Fusion and Fission. A duality.
Photo by Billy Huynh on Unsplash

Last week I dabbled with some watercolor paints and unexpectedly made a decent painting themed with hot and cold colours. Although it looked pretty and abstract, it still felt a mess.

I actually started out with an idea to represent the ‘duality’ of our world and the universe in the form of a painting. It was that everything in our world exists in pairs, so why not epitomize it through a painting? What began as the rising of the sun and moon turned out to be an absolutely inexplicable ‘masterpiece out of a mess’. To the average eye (when I showed it to my parents), it looked like:

  • The two phases of a flower: sunflower and moonflower (sorta)
  • Fusion and Fission in a nuclear level.
  • The journey of life; Nature’s Yin-Yang; an explosion of life

Well, all of them seemed to represent duality. And that got me thinking. That, in various moments had led me to new theory that has succinctly attached an immeasurable amount of value to my ‘Masterpiece from a Mess’ art.

(This is how I saw it)

Like I said, I, for a long time, observed that almost all of what we see is  attributed to be a part of a duplet, or a pair. To put it straight, the uni-verse paradoxically has an amazing duality to itself. All of existence has been created in pairs, as is believed. Examples in daily life include

  •  Male and Female
  •  Electron and Proton
  •  Matter and Anti-matter
  •  Optimism and Pessimism
  • Knowledge and Ignorance

The list goes on.

These are required in equal or definite amount to balance each other (probably through neutralization or something), form one pair and hence run the universe. (This is described in detail in Stephen Hawking’s The Theory of Everything).

The duality of nature has (probably) been believed to be maintained perfectly in the higher and more complex aspects of existence like astronomy and cosmology. So could have been the case in the known life.

Then again, in the modern era of development and evolution, we can observe this concept of duality breaking down, or say, being diversified like the polytheistic beliefs of any mythology. For instance,

  • Man and Woman – Today we have several gender groups such as the LGBTQ and non-binaries.
  • Optimism and Pessimism (or) Good and Evil: A very complicated pair, but they often seem to pair with each other in confusing or definite proportions, to conjure up new situations in life.
  • Mathematics : Aside from direction/magnitude properties, the base system in use on a large scale is of base ten, as well as hexadecimal, octal, sexagesimal etc.

(These are the examples I could gather with my knowledge.)

If these can change, perhaps others are prone to change too.
We are practically guarded by Dualities. No matter how chaotic the evolution be, there were, are and will always be dualities. And dualities evolve from a single force, that generates self sustaining energy.

Then what pair in Duality can be safely assumed and believed to remain constant, as well as be used as a principle in the average living being’s life towards sustenance, happiness and development?

The whole theory now boiled down to the one concept that has fascinated me ever since I was enlightened of its existence: THE SECRET.

Nothing but the fact that there is only one constant pair in Life as we know it:  You and the Universe.

To be continued.

Au Revoir, Cherie!

The article needs work, so any thought is appreciated. Drop em in the comments or mail me through the Contact page.😊

Blogs Reviews

Newfound Love

I’m late, I know. 😅 But this is gonna be a long one. Atleast longer than the others.

That’s because I’ve taken some good advice and have some newfound love, alongside my junior year work.

I’ve been furiously pinning my interests on Pinterest for a long time now. Since there are no coincidences according to quantum physics, my thoughts and the app’s software have been miraculously (or suspiciously) syncing. And that led me to newfound loves and old sweethearts.


Yasss! I’m officially a Nerdfighter! DFTBA! In your pants! Whatever! I’m fortunate enough to get to know these two freaking awesome people. Not that I was ever an outcast or geeky; in fact I was very much extrovert-ish. Nevertheless, like Anne Frank, I didn’t find people who shared my introspective and deep imagination or the art of linking facts forever. I was kinda lost, and then vlogbrothers came by. I admit I’m very new to the cult (can we call it a cult?) but I’m already loving it. Vlogbrothers-Crash Course-Podcast-Books. Enough for becoming one.

Physics and Philosophy

Like I said, Pinterest and my mind were in sync and quantum physics is something that fascinated me for a long time. Something I barely understood on academic terms and always believed in cosmological terms. I have this concept that everything is energy like Einstein said and we controlling it depends on whether we believe or not. Something called QBism/Quantum Bayesianism. It is really cool to link physics with human life and inevitably to philosophy. It is, isn’t it? Yeah, it is. I know;)

A 104 days of summer vacation…!

We’ve recently taken the Disney+ Hotstar subscription and I’m so glad we did. I didn’t really get time to inject myself into fandoms but with Disney+ I can! They have some amazing collection of movies and also my childhood collection of cartoons. Like Phineas and Ferb. Takes me for a trip down my memory lane through nostalgia. I think the world would be a better place if we could’ve been like The Genius Phineas and his so laconic brother Ferb.

Also, May the Force be with you. To binge watch all Star Wars series.

Seaweed Brain and Saving the world!

Yep. Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus is the farthest for any series I’ve read. And then John Green. The difference between vlogbrother John Green and writer John Green is the difference between a lightning bug and a lightning. His books are so deep and thought provoking. They dissect every and any significant thing and bring it to an ephemeral point if thinking. They’re also equally realistic and refreshing amidst other YA fantasies. Summing up what I learnt from both:

Precisely, it’s all in our mind: how we observe, feel, believe and interpret.

Listen to this if you haven’t already. Dope.

It’s purely fantastically crazy!

Anyways, my prime obsession is with quantum physics and philosophy and something I call ‘The Universal Pantheon’ thanks to Uncle Rick. I’m currently into research on it and we’ll see about it in another post.

Until then, gifting weirdness.

Stay safe fellas🤗


Hey people, any thoughts on the ‘physics and philosophy’ section? Drop a comment down to start a conversation. Or mail me through the Contact page. I’d love to have a great convo with you and we could even forge new friendships!


Dérive. Dendrophilia!

(Pre-logophile edition)

Dérive ~ A spontaneous journey guided by a landscape.

Dendrophilia ~ an inexplicable love for nature; especially trees.

Been a lot busy lately. So here you go, with some breathtaking beauties of the bliss around us: Mother Nature. I promise a proper blog post by Sunday.

Until then, gifting weirdness.